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The rural tourism of Albera

the most authentic rural tourism

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Mas de la Llosa is the name given to one of the eight farmhouses on the Baussitges estate. Located in the municipality of Espolla (Alt Empordà - Girona), it enjoys a privileged natural environment framed within the Albera Natural Park. It is an old cowherd’s cottage restored maintaining its special rustic and cozy charm. Simple and comfortable, designed to enjoy the surroundings. The electricity is produced by solar panels and stored in batteries. The water comes directly from an old fountain next to the house.

Within this place we have two different buildings where our guests can enjoy this quiet environment: El Corralet and La Casa Nova.

image exterior of the rural house 'El Corralet', and outside of the Casa Nova
image exterior of the rural house 'El Corralet', and outside of the Casa Nova

El Corralet

It is an old corral, built of stone and restored maintaining its rusticity and with spectacular views. Simple and comfortable, it has an open space with living room, kitchen and an upstairs mezzanine with a triple bed, bathroom and an independent double room.

image the rural tourism of Albera, internal of the rural house 'El Corralet'
image the rural tourism of Albera, exterior of the rural house 'El Corralet'

La Casa Nova

Of more recent construction, it has a spacious and quiet outside front yard. The interior space is distributed in kitchen and living/dining room and two separate bedrooms - one with double bed and the other with two separate beds. There is a bathroom with shower.

image the rural tourism of Albera, la Casa Nova
image the rural tourism of Albera, la Casa Nova
image the rural tourism of Alberaa, la Casa Nova

In the restoration, the thick stone walls of the original house have been preserved intact, so during the summer they are cool and in winter they keep the heat.

Light and electricity are obtained with solar panels, and consequently electrical appliances and accessories are not recommended. For this reason the house does not have a washing machine or microwave. The power supply for the heater, the cooker and the fridge is with butane gas.

Running water is obtained from a natural source and accumulates in a reservoir of limited capacity. In summer, due to the scarcity of water, it is recommended to reduce consumption to the minimum avoiding wasting water.

In front of the houses there is a terrace to be able to have breakfast or dinner outdoors. Very close, there is an area with barbecue and a large stone table, to be able to make meals in a group. From both places you can enjoy an unbeatable view of the mountains.

If you want to come with a pet, you have to talk to the owners because there are dogs and farm animals living on the farm.

Baussitges, in the middle of the Albera Natural Park, is the ideal place to spend a holiday with family or friends enjoying all the advantages of this rural area in the Pyrenees. Surrounded by flora and fauna in the middle of Albera, enjoying the tranquility of the forests and the absence of vehicles, the Mas de la Llosa is ideal for a holiday of rest and relaxation.

Mountain Bike

Within the same farm there are various routes of different difficulty and distance, ideal to enjoy safe rides. In the surroundings there are also tracks and local roads of different difficulty.


Given the scenic features of the place, there are huge possibilities for lovers of hiking.

Roads, ancient local trails and the trails GR 10 and GR 11 open a wide range of routes of all levels of difficulty.

image the rural tourism of Albera, doing trekkinge
image the rural tourism of Albera, doing trekking

Refreshing and very natural baths

During the summer it is possible to bathe in the numerous natural pools that are formed by the two rivers that are born on the estate. For those who prefer the sea, you can choose between the thick sand beaches of the French Côte Vermelle (40 minutes by car) or the innumerable inlets of fine sand of the Cap de Creus and the beaches of the Gulf of Roses on the Spanish side.

Megalithic Monuments

Inside the estate, hidden in the middle of the forest, we find the Dolmen of Mas Gamarús, known for ages by the local people.

Romanesque art

Inside the estate there are two protected Romanesque chapels, one pre-Romanesque (9th century AD), Sant Martí de Bausitges and the other Romanesque (12th century AD), Sant Genís d'Esprac.

Sant Martí de Bausitges is a pre-Romanesque church consecrated in the year 946, of a nave and a trapezoidal plant absis. The bell tower is more recent than the rest of the construction. "Opus spicatum" " (slabs arranged in spike or in the shape of a fishbone)visible in several points of the wall. During its recent restoration, the walls that delimitated and divided the enclosure of the small cemetery, located in front of the entrance, were eliminated.

Sant Genís d'Esprac is a Romanesque church of a nave and a semicircular plant abse. It shows several architectural features typical of the Empordà and Roussillon religious architecture in the 12th and 13th centuries. The building conserves sectors of an older time, testimony of a pre-Romanesque chapel, possibly from the 10th century. An example of this is the "opus spicatum") visible on the north wall. Formerly it constituted an independent parish; at the moment it is a sanctuary within the municipality of Espolla.

Typical dishes

The Alt Empordà region is known for its extensive range of meats and fish of the highest quality, as well as excellent local wines with the name of origin Empordà-Costa Brava and virgin olive oils.

If you come to spend a few days and you want Albera calf organic meat raised in Baussitges, or extra virgin olive oil of our production, you should tell us in advance because we do not always have enough stock in our pantry.

In the Mas de la Llosa there is a large hall (old stables reformed) to host courses or celebrations in group.

Due to the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings, the place is especially suitable for yoga, taichi, dance, photography, painting, bird watching, etc.


Beware you are in a natural park. No plants or animals can be collected. Treat the environment with respect and collaborate in its conservation.

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Marta Carola & Clara Coronas